Operational Review

Our emphasis is on communicating to the Company’s leadership team a specific assessment on the “current” Company’s performance compared to the “expected” Company’s stated Goals and Objectives. This rigorous evaluation is based on a structured methodology but customized to meet the needs of the Company’s industry, delivery timeline and budgetary considerations. The Operational review process accentuates the candid feedback required to effectively convey “where is the Company” NOW.  The primary review process includes the following:

  • Overview and Current baseline—well documented and mutually understood by Leadership team and DBM (to facilitate and manage expectations)
  • Espoused Mission and Vision – using whatever form the Company uses to convey these concepts and values, such as on-boarding documentation, staff posters and educational programs, indoctrination training, etc.
  • Organization capabilities and competencies assessment – reviewing accountability practices and principles, various reporting relationships, feedback loops, proficiency considerations, skills alignment and gap analysis, etc.
  • Management and Governance – review of the priority-setting criteria, decision-making process, change control/remediation planning and execution, transparency, etc.
  • Asset Management – review of the effectiveness of the financial and organizational returns based on the various capital assets, such as monies (i.e.; relatively liquid assets), real estate and human capital resources
  • Processes and Systems – review the current workflows, data capture and validation routines to gauge the efficacy of the internal processing controls, reliability, scalability and adaptability of the current organizational processing environment

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